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Today I am sharing a fully working version of the cracked Smoke Loader Rev, 04/2018
I have this for a long time, and decided to keep this builder for myself for a while.
How ever I have no use for it anymore, and decided to drop it into the community for everyone.
It's still one of the most stable botnets around and it's a great loader overall.
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Builder Screenshot:

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- Smoke will not work on any VM or VPS whatever, it has Anti VM inside.
- Default username/pass is: admin-admin. These can be changed in the cfg.php
- Builder may be totally clean, but the original binary will always shows a virus since it's a botnet.
I suggest you to open it in a Sandbox environment or Virtual Machine.

How to use the builder?:
- Open the URL Changer.
- Load in the original Smoke Loader Binary.
- Add the URL where you have uploaded the Smoke Panel to. Keep in mind: You must start with http:// and end with the end slash. (/)
- Randomize the E and DKEY, and change them in the cfg.php as well.
- Make your own seller ID. Keep in mind: the seller ID can only be 5 chars max.
- Save the binary and done. Keep in mind: The binary will save as: Binname.p32, change the name to binname.exe to make it executable.

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